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Adventure Island


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Adventure Island is right across the road from Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay and miles from being dry! At this Key West-inspired park you and you friends and family can slide, splash, soak, serve and spike to your hearts content. Make a big splash at Adventure Island.

Riptide – Florida’s First Four-Lane Mat Slide Race three other riders for a competitive adventure like no other. All four racers start by lying on the mat and being released simultaneously from a height of 55 feet into their own enclosed tubes. Racers then twist through a hairpin turn before plunging into four open-air lanes for a drenching. You must be at least 42″ tall to ride Riptide. Slip and slide down the Calypso Coaster. Twirl down this open flume on an inner tube or have fun with a friend on a raft for two. Either way, you’ll end up with a ride on the Rambling Bayou river.

Shoot through Aruba Tuba and get whisked and siphoned through open and closed portions of twisting turning slides. Caribbean Corkscrew: Swish and twist through 230-feet of intertwined translucent tubes before coming to a splashing stop in the 47-foot decelerator lane. After careening down Adventure Island’s Everglides, riders are launched, side-by-side, down the speedy, twin mega-slide into a waiting splash pool. Thrill seekers race their toboggans down the 72-foot watery incline, eventually skimming across the pool’s surface and hydroplaning up to 20 yards before coming to a stop.

Experience the ultimate daredevil journey on Gulf Scream. Here you’ll hurl down a massive 210-foot body-slide and make a big splash in the pool exceeding 25 miles per hour. Cascade down nearly six water-fueled stories and tube through more than 700 feet of gnarly twists, turns, speedy slopes, gushers, water mines, pools and showers before landing in a splash pool at Key West Rapids – an extra wide super slide. Reel down your choice of five unique and intense water flumes from the peak of a 34-foot mountain-like structure on Runaway Rapids.

Adventure Island’s Wahoo Run is the ultimate family raft ride. It plunges up to five riders more than 15 feet per second as the half-enclosed tunnel corkscrews more than 600 feet to a waiting splash pool. Four waterfall curtains make sure riders get soaked. Slither down an unpredictable spiraling slide on the Water Moccasin — triple-linked tubes ending in a splashdown!

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